Navigate your ship through an asteroid field as you slowly accelerate out of control. Try to keep your ship intact for as long as possible!

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020.

We weren't quite able to get it finished in time but here's a simplified version! We'll be continuing it after the Jam period to add elements that we weren't able to incorporate.

Control with mouse.


Iavor Ivanov
Greyson Wang


Dana Lubow @asterkallium
Hannah Zaitlin @entirelybees

music & sound

Jeremy Coppola


Chevy Ray @ChevyRay


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This is a solid concept, aesthetic and execution.

The control of the ship feels very precise, such that it feels manageable - I found myself feeling like I was in control of the situation, until I totally wasn't. Taking control of the acceleration away from the player is a good choice to overcome that really solid manoeuvrability.


You've got some very decent art with a interesting idea (switching between piloting and managing the ship), but (like you said) It needs quite a bit of work. If you decide to try to work on this after the Jam, I would recommend that you either decrease the speed of the ship, decrease the density of asteroids or increase the size of the map so that it's possible to manage the piloting and manage your ship. Still, good effort!


Thank you! In future versions we are planning to scale the map up so that the speed/size of everything is scaled down.